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The Rain in Main.....

falls quite a bit on Bangor, Mainely

all seasons in one day 76 °F
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Room2614, Back Bay Hilton, Boston MA: 3.18pm 6/6/10

OK. Without looking it up on the 'net or anywhere else, in which 60s hit song sung by whom did Bangor, Maine, feature? Answers in a comment without giving it away! (Work that one out!).

Dinner Friday night in the Bar Harbor Inn was excellent, apart from a squalling brat in front of us (Elithabeth Bott?) which was eventually dragged away by its mother. Frightful child who squatted on the floor and refused to move.

Bob's Rack of Lamb - delicious

John's Lobster Pie. I'm with Vivienne, I far prefer crab.

We got a very special price with a coupon when we checked in for 3-course dinner and breakfast. The dinner price was less than many of the "entrees".

Next day (Saturday), once away (North) of Bar Harbor, Maine becomes an all-but empty state. A few dwellings near the road, a few small towns. One we went through had about 4 churches and 3 houses! Quite a lot of poverty too, we guessed. Driving through the endless trees, there would be a small house or a mobile with scores of old cars, boats and lobster pots round it. We kept forgetting we were right by the sea or the many inlets on our trip up Route 1 (Coastal). The boats and the lobster pots kept reminding us. Eventually, as we went further "Down East" as they call it, even the odd hut and mobile disappeared and there were just endless trees. Occasionally we would emerge into a clearing or we'd go up a hillock and there was a mini view... of more trees and water, of course.


It rained the virtually the whole day and sometimes the fog would swirl in from the sea, adding to the feeling of isolation and dampness! This was probably the remotest spot we have been to in the US. Or it felt it, and this compared with the Arizona and Nevada deserts and the Rockies of Idaho.

We eventually ended up in Calais, a border town with Canada. We had seen fewer and fewer cars but here there were Canadian lorries and cars of people over the border for a weekend shop and fill up of fuel tanks. We peered across the river towards Saint Charles on the Canadian side.

St Paul, New Brunswick. Interesting, eh?

Queue for the border

Quite a long drive through the rain and the trees and the spray to Bangor, Maine where we had booked a hotel for the night. Located, just off the Interstate and right next to a Denny's, to Arthur's delight.


Whilst Bob was down unloading the car, the TV in the hotel room starting buzzing and flashing "WARNING WARNING" then visual and verbal warnings were given of an advancing tornado in the area. Luckily it was away from where we were, but still unnerving. (As I type this in Boston, there are warnings of severe storms scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen and we just watched a storm go round the building. Quite dramatic from the 26th floor!).

A final shop at Walmart and a blow-out in the retro Denny's and we were ready for bed. We really, really enjoyed our atmospheric drive through the rain in Maine.


This morning we drove into the centre of Bangor. It would have been a really busy city with department stores and shops but now most of the life has been sucked out by the likes of Walmart; actually, mainly by Walmart. There are splendid 30's (and earlier) buildings and there are a number of businesses clearly struggling to keep going. America has lost its various hearts and souls in these dying city centres. We assume there will be a plan to revive its Dowtown, which sometimes works (eg Oklahoma City).

Then on down I95 (a turnpike in places, which equates to autopista/toll road). But toll much cheaper here. We paid a total of about $8 today including a toll bridge coming into Boston.

Traffic heavy in places on the "A10" (sorry Brien). Hway 1 into Boston is really awful. A very old road on which nothing has been spent. Despite it being a Sunday, traffic very heavy into Boston. One wrong turning (misunderstanding Lori, our TomTom spokeswoman) took us back over the river but it only took 5 minutes to get back on course and to our hotel. Of course, we parked by the wrong entrance but eventaully got it right and the bell "boy" (about 55) took over, took our bags and parked our car.

Thanks to Bob's Hilton card, we have a room on the top floor with great view (not of the river though) and free breakfast coupons.

Now to go and orientate ourselves. Brien: any more tips, please? We'd welcome them. Where did you stay? We have not had time to do much homework on this city.

large_IMG_7679_800x600.jpgArthur not at all interested in the view. Wonder why?

Will go and have a wander in a mo and look for somewhere to eat later.

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Are they sausages with the lamb? Hey, how come I'm first am i turning into a Blog Geek? Arthur looks a little hung-up, he must be contemplating that breakfast in bed. Keep away from those tornados but have fun. soory, don't know the name of the song and I won't cheat! xx

by paul

You are going to miss all that lovely food.....and so are we!!LOLBrenxxxxx

by brenda

"Didn't we have a lovely time the time we went to Bangor!"- Name of old song, not the right one we are sure, but appropriate.
Thanks very much for the card. Magnifico.

by Dennis & Margaret Chambers

They say if you remember the 60s, you weren't there. I have a problem remembering yesterday.
Now I have a stupid song going around in my head. Thanks guys.
Arthur looks as though he's in the stocks, has he refused to have breakfast in bed, prefering Denny's.
St Paul looks like a state prison, not that I would know of course.
Pity about the weather, I would love to see all the trees in "the fall"

by Maurice

No clues on the song yet. Of course, many of you are too young, but it became a sort of standard and will probably be played today on a radio station somewhere in the world. We'll give others a chance.

No, Paul, I thought they looked like sausages. But they were baked potatoes.

Bren: no Menus del D here. But good value if we shared it all (there's enough. Of course we never have the nerve.

Dennis & Margaret: assume that was the real Bangor (Wales)?

Maurice: late on parade? The worst that happens many days is a sort of jingle on Jeopardy (TV quiz). I find myself waking up singing it. Grrrr!

We cn asee for miles this morning. Clear blue skies and the TV is forecasting that all day. Plane has jost gone past window on way in to Logan Apt.

Time for free "Continental" breakfast. Arthur is not impressed. But I don't want to clamber out of my 8cwt Hilton dressing-gown!

Be home Thursday. Doesn't seem possible. Oh, what happened at Eurovision? We missed it!


by Johnash

Cant remember exactly where we stayed but it was near a bridge over the river and not far from the pearl or prudential mall. It was a low rise budget place and also near the Boston Symphony hall. Knowing how the Americans like to change things it may have been pulled down. We were there on July 4th and we went everywhere by train. The Tea Party site was a bit of a disappointment though.

by Brien Kessler

PS We go to Calais quite regularly for our cheap wine but I guess this is a different Calais!!!

by Brien Kessler


It could have been the Mid-town Hotel?? Which we can see from our room. Are trying Legal Seafood tonight (the branch in the Prudential Mall?).


by Johnash

I am sorry to see that today is your last full day of the adventure. Enjoy it and I look forward to your next blog.

Tomorrow you will begin the first of your flights home, so I wish you all a safe and comfortable journey.

Thank you for sharing the experience with us.

by Maurice

I read your post again and "Trailor, for sale or rent........rooms to let 50 cents" started to come to mind and hey presto.......destination Bangor, Maine. King of the road by Roger Miller. my mother must have had a 45" of it. Old smokies I have found, short but not to fat around! I can with all honesty say that I didn't google. Safe journey home - hope all's well at Bag-End. As Maurice say's - thanks for doing this, I've very much enjoyed the trip. Over & out xx

by Paul

Thanks Paul, I have been trying to fathom out the title of the tune. I now have "King of the road" going through my head instead of the "Day trip to Bangor"
I hope that both you and Ralph are well.

by Maurice

Well done Paul. Have a Boston Cream Pie! Will Email it as a rather messy attachment!

You should worry about that song going through your head, Maurice. Wait till you've watched 'Jeopardy' and have their silly jingle on permanent loop in your skull.

Bob is packing so I will see if I can do a Blog. Thanks for your support, Commentators! At least it's not all falling on deaf ears. Pardon?


by Johnash

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